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National Arts in Nursing Homes Day

A celebration is a time to celebrate the joys of today & the memories of yesterday & the hopes of tomorrow and I’m happy to relay that’s exactly what happened at St Joseph’s Home (Little Sisters of the Poor) Ferrybank. Our celebration was in conjunction with Arts & Crafts Day Nursing Homes Ireland Friday 21stMay 2021 and that’s exactly what we had A CELEBRATION LIKE NO OTHER


Our event began with a sherry reception & delicious hors d’oeuvres, followed by some words of welcome from Mother Roseline and we invited our oldest resident Pat Phelan who is 100 years young to welcome our residents into our display arena under an Arch of very colourful balloons.  Our grand showing of the finest Arts & crafts that the residents worked on over the past few weeks with the guidance of our very talented Team  – Activities Co-ordinator, Rose Murphy Duggan and one of our Sisters, Sr. Catherine began. Our event lasted all day long which allowed for all residents of the home to visit the display at their ease. To hear the sound of chattering people which filled the air, while listening to some relaxing background music, and many treats from our cake/ice-cream trolley added to the ambience of the room. What was very evident on the day was the active community engagement which connected people both socially, and emotionally was a wonder to witness and there was also a sincere hope that such events would be organized in the coming months, due to our very long lockdown.

A fantastic fun filled day was certainly had by all that attended and as you can see we captured some wonderful footage of our arts-& crafts on display, along with photos of our beautifully dressed residents who went all out for the day and let me say without any hesitation that we have a fabulous group of residents & as our wonderful display tree at the event posted (our tree of stars) was well warranted.

                                  Happy memories are so easily made possible