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Happy birthday Jeanne Jugan -25th October

Jeanne Jugan was born October 25, 1792, in the port city of Cancale in Brittany, Jeanne Jugan was also known as Sister Mary of the Cross, L.S.P. Her service resulted in the establishment of the Little Sisters Of The Power

Prayer to Saint Jeanne Jugan
Jesus, you rejoiced and praised your Father for having revealed to little ones the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven. We thank you for the graces granted to your humble servant, Saint Jeanne Jugan, to whom we confide our petitions and needs.

Father of the poor, you have never refused the prayer of the lowly. We ask you, therefore, to hear the petitions that she presents to you on our behalf. Jesus, through Mary, your Mother and ours, we ask this of you, who live and reign with the Father and the Holy Spirit now and forever. Amen.

Saint Jeanne Jugan, Pray for us.