The Little Sisters Home in Leeds

In 1865 the Little Sisters of the Poor opened a Home in Leeds. When the Home could not be adapted to present day needs a Home, Mount St. Joseph’s, was built in Headingly and opened in December 1971.

“Let God’s House be rebuilt in this Place”

Due to the recent discovery of RAAC in our roofs, The Little Sisters of the Poor have had to made the heart-breaking decision to close Mount St Joseph’s care home.

Just before Christmas 2023 the Little Sisters, Staff and 62 Residents of Mount St Joseph’s in Leeds, learned that their Home was unsafe due to the presence of Aerated Autoclaved Concrete (RAAC) in 95% of the building. We are faced with costs of over £500,000 for metal girders and other safety measures to keep everyone safe until all our Residents can be settled elsewhere. Our Home is set to be demolished and all our elderly residents must now find new homes. The Little Sisters are doing all they can to assist the residents in finding new homes. Our great desire is to be able to rebuilt our Home in Leeds, so we repeat again, “Let God’s house be rebuilt in the Place.” If you would like to and are able to support the Sisters in this effort, please see their Crowd funding page by clicking here. In any case, the help of your prayers would be much appreciated.



St. Jeanne Jugan Parish

Tuesday, September 20th, was chosen as the day to officially recognise the new Parish of St Jeanne Jugan in Leeds and to bless the Statue of St Jeanne Jugan, that the Little Sisters of the Poor had donated to the Parish. 

The new Parish came about in the reordering of Parishes in the Leeds Diocese – you can read more on the Leeds Diocesan Website by clicking here.

Little Sisters of the Poor
Shire Oak Road
Leeds LS6 2DE
Tel: 0113 278 4101
E-mail: ms.leeds@lsplondon.co.uk

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