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Our Mission Statement

We Say “Yes” To Life!

“God, who has fatherly concern for everyone, willed that all people should constitute one family and treat one another in the spirit of brotherhood”. (The Church in the Modern World)

Little Sisters of the Poor, to whom the Church has entrusted the Apostolic Mission of Hospitality to the Aged poor, welcome the elderly of all nationalities and beliefs. 

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St Jeanne Jugan

I have been asked to write a few words about the great foundress of the Little Sisters of the Poor who I greatly admire and try to follow her footsteps. 

Later years of Jeanne Jugan’s:

At the age of twenty-five, when most young girls were either enjoying themselves meeting young men and discovering life or feel sorry for themselves as they were too poor to do anything, Jeanne left Cancale, leaving her family ‘everything that was smart or pretty’ among her clothes and set off for Saint Servan to be with the poor.  Jeanne took a position as a nurse at the hospital called ‘Le Rosais’ which was a medical centre for training nurses and looking after the numerous unfortunate cases about three hundred sick together with thirty-five children.  For six years, Jeanne dedicated her time among these poor people some suffering from ‘Scurvy, itch and venereal disease’.  With insufficient means at hand, the work was rough and exhausting. 

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