Volunteers play an essential role in achieving this goal, providing our Residents with the extra attention that makes all the difference in their lives.

Volunteers also provide invaluable support in many areas of our homes such as assisting in the dining room, visiting sick Residents in their rooms, accompanying Residents to hospital appointments, arranging various activities, helping with fundraising etc.

Although they give us so much of their time and service, our volunteers are unanimous that through their contact with the elderly they receive much more than they give!

If you would like to enrich your own life, and the lives of the needy elderly through volunteering, contact the home nearest you for further information.

Everyone will receive a short induction to help them know the safety and security measures put in place.


Tel: 0121 427 2486
Email: ms.birmingham@lsplondon.co.uk


Tel: 0117 973 3815
Email: ms.bristol@lsplondon.co.uk


Tel: 0113 278 4101
Email: ms.leeds@lsplondon.co.uk

London – St Peter’s

Tel: 020 7735 0788
Email: ms.stpeter@lsplondon.co.uk

London – St Anne’s

Tel: 020 8826 2500
Email: ms.stanne@lsplondon.co.uk


Tel: 0161 273 4147
Email: ms.manchester@lsplondon.co.uk 


Tel: 0191 273 1279
Email: ms.newcastle@lsplondon.co.uk