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Ducklings at St Peter’s

Each week six nursery children have been paired up with six residents at St Peter’s to complete a new activity .It is wonderful to see the positive relationships that the children and residents have formed. Every day the nursery children ask if they will be visiting St Peter’s and are always extremely excited to return. As teachers, the benefits of setting up and running this project are clear – the children’s language skills have developed, their confidence has grown, they are learning how to adapt to different social situations, and they just have so much fun!

Among an array of other benefits, the project has provided the children with the opportunity of increased 1-2-1 attention, which would help to develop their social, emotional and communication skills.

The nursery were very grateful to Sr Jacinta Mary for welcoming this project and to Sister Marie-Thérèse Francis for the continued support she gives each week.  They are so looking forward to the project continuing for the rest of the academic year and hopefully beyond.

The ducklings came to the home as eggs!  We took delivery of the eggs, the incubator and everything needed for the hatching.  Within a couple of days, the eggs had hatched and the ducklings appeared, growing rapidly into the cute fluffy birds you see in the photos.  They were only with us for 10 days, but it was fascinating for the residents and the little children to watch them grow, to see them swim in the water in the paddling pool and to handle them.  The Duckling children were a little wary at first, but soon became braver when they realised the tiny birds were not in the business of pecking or attacking!  Ducklings meet ducklings was a great success!