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‘Buy a plant’ Fundraising Scheme at Manchester

A fundraising   initiative  “Buy a plant” was planned by Doctor Maria Cunningham  who is one of the Doctors who provide medical care for the residents at St Joseph’s Home Manchester,  Pam Hunt  assisted Maria with the preparation of the planting  and regular watering of the plants. A sum of 1500 pounds has been raised and people continue to buy a wide range of plants, bedding plants, herbaceous perennials, shrubs and even vegetables. All the plants are raised from seeds, cuttings or splitting of other plants and potted in recycled pots, so although the stall takes time to stock and maintain, it does not have a financial cost.   The Little Sisters of the Poor wish to thank Maria and Pam for all their hard work and assure them that the donation of 1500 pounds  is much appreciated.