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Thoughts on Jeanne Jugan

“Making the elderly happy, that is what counts.” Jeanne Jugan

Jeanne was truly poor, among the poor: identified with them, that is to say, with her Lord.

Jeanne Jugan displays a heart so utterly filled with love for Christ that not even the rudest blows can shake it.

In our worries, in our troubles, in the way other people look down on us, we must always say: “Blessed be God! Thank you my God! or

Glory be to God!”

Sister Francis

Shortly after coming here I read the life of Jeanne Jugan.

Not long after an old homeless man came to my door late at night.

He asked me for the money needed to be able to stay in a hostel for the night.

Perhaps inspired by Jeanne Jugan I gave him what he asked for.

When he had left I remembered that Jeanne Jugan invited homeless people into her house.

She even gave up her own bed when someone needed it.

That is why she is a Saint.

And I am not.


Saint Jeanne Jugan has left a loving Spirit of Our

Lord in each Home of the Little Sisters of the Poor

all over the world. Saint Jeanne Jugan showed that

to love the first old lady that she took into her

home, Anne Chauvin, and gave her her bed, can

and will make a huge difference. The journey of

life is different for each one of us. We all have to

try and give of ourselves. “Not always easy”!

This is something I thought of as I cared for my

elderly Mother. She was 86/7 at the time. I learnt

from the Little Sisters through Saint Jeanne Jugan,

and I saw first-hand, visiting my two Aunts who

were Little Sisters. This was in the late 1950’s and

1960’s, how caring the Community was. My Aunt

in France was with other Little Sisters when they

were taken prisoner’s during the World War II.


                         Returning Home

“Do not be sad, be glad, for life is a journey and

death the start of a new eternal life.

The beauty of Creation continues with relentless ease.

The Cosmos shows magnificent splendours,

The Heavens and the stars a gift for all reaching into infinity.

Humanity is in awesome wonder, at the puzzle in Creation. (Jeanne Jugan was forever praising God especially in the Creation.)

Psalm 39 – Evening prayer.

“Let us offer ourselves to the Lord without concern for what future sacrifices we may have to give.”


Talking with Saint Jeanne Jugan

Saint Jeanne, when God called you He showed you the way forward and the work He wished you to do on the path of your future earthly life; this you accepted and developed, with all its hardships and drawbacks involved.

Over the years, on my life’s path so far, I have accepted and understood, how the path can sometimes be sunny, with soft grass underfoot, and equally sometimes rocky, hard and cold with deep waters engulfing me, taking all my spiritual breath. However, as written in Isaiah – “When the waters are deep, He will always help you – and He has.

But at this stage of my life, I do not recognize the path I trod – have I made a mistake or is this what God wishes me to do? I accept whatever lies ahead. As I have always done – but could you ask God to give me some idea as to whether I now walk in the right path, or a diversion?

Prayer to St. Jeanne Jugan

Saint Jeanne Jugan,

God called you to serve Him. Along with your Little Sisters, you have made the world a finer and happier place for multitudes throughout the Universe.

May we, after your example, endeavour to help others in a simple daily way, for your greater Glory. Amen