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Still bearing fruit when they are old…..

It remains incumbent upon all members of society to understand, appreciate and cherish the gifts of the elderly and to bring about those necessary changes to improve the care and comfort of those most senior and vulnerable in our communities. “As we slowly return to a more normal way of life, let us not forget the elderly among us who still have so much wisdom to impart, faith to share, stories to tell and joys to offer. Let us create space in our hearts, homes, families, and communities to honour them and truly care for them in their weakness and their many needs. Let us welcome their unique giftedness in building a world which is more human, loving, generous, forgiving, and radiant with God’s grace.”

They Still Bring Forth Fruit in Old Age: A Lesson on Caring in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic (CCCB) on July 14, 2020,