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St Anne’s Activities

Monday the 15th February 2021- One to One with the residents (please see photos attached) Today time was taken out to take spend time with them one to one. Since the day was nice, it was decided to go outside to for a stroll. Brendina enjoyed it so much that she prayed the entire Rosary with sister.. Josephine was the Resident of the Day and as a special treat was taken outside for a stroll. She enjoyed seeing the lovely flowers and plants which are slowly coming up for spring.

Tuesday 16th February 2021- Sing a-Long: (Pancake Day) Today’s session for the Sing a Long was done differently from the last sessions. We used the projector and computer to bring up different songs. Even the confused residents were able to participate as the each word came up clearly on the wall. It was so successful that we plan to do that again for each sing along session. Due to the Covid the usually fun pancake making was cancelled, however the residents still enjoyed eating their pancakes after the meal and the Kitchen were busy making Pancakes all day long!

Wed 17th February 2021- (Ash Wednesday) Although the activity was changed on the day the residents watched via the computer a Lenten Journey. They learned why What Lent is about, why we fast and why we have ashes on our forehead. However due to Covid, Father Dan, was advised to sprinkle the ashes on top of the forehead. Although everyone was disappointed, the residents were really good and understanding.