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Sr Marie Therese and Paula, a Residents at St Peter’s – Feast day reflections.

“Wishing Paula a happy feast day of our Mother St Jeanne Jugan she responded by telling me what a lovely  it had been.  The Mass had been special she remarked and then she had watched the video on the life of our Mother in the concert hall in the afternoon and really enjoyed it.

Paula asked me to thank Mother Provincial and all the Little Sisters for a wonderful feast day.

Some time ago Paula had contributed a short item for our noticeboard which had for theme ‘Thoughts on St Jeanne Jugan’.  At the end of her piece she wrote:

But at this stage of my life, I do not recognize the path I trod – have I made a mistake or is this what God wishes me to do? I accept whatever lies ahead. As I have always done – but could you ask God to give me some idea as to whether I now walk in the right path, or a diversion?”

Puzzled as to what she meant by this, I asked her if she would mind explaining.  She told me quite simply that she had spent ‘such a tumultuous life’ in bringing up her children and in later life experiencing many difficulties and trials; that now life was so different: all was calm and she felt so happy and content that she was wondering if it was ‘real’ and could hardly dare to believe that it would last”…..

 We hope and pray that all the Residents in our Homes and senior people in our world will feel this sense of calm and happiness, like Paula, in their later years.