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Sponsored Bike Ride in aid of the renovation of St. Joseph’s Home, Manchester

From Friday 10th to Friday 24th July we will be ‘cycling’ from St. Joseph’s Home in Manchester to La Tour, our Mother House in St. Pern, Brittany, a total of 486 miles. Between us we hope to cover 35 miles a day, so follow our progress to cheer us on.   

We are raising funds to enable us to continue with the rebuilding of one wing of the Home which began recently.  The work is well underway as you will see from the photos, the foundation is now in place and when finished will provide us with twenty rooms for the elderly who are in need of care and five independent living flats for those who are more able to care for themselves.

For almost a year now we have unfortunately been unable to admit any new residents due to the lack of accommodation whilst we prepared for the demolition of the original wing. It is therefore extremely important to us that we are able to raise enough funds for this building work to be completed as soon as possible so that we can once again welcome the vulnerable elderly of low income from around the Greater Manchester area who need our care and support.

Due to the problems and restrictions forced upon us all by the outbreak of Covid 19 we have obviously been unable to carry on with all our usual fundraising events and church/store collections. We therefore have to look for other ways in which to raise the funds to help towards this costly but tremendously important project. If there is anybody who has any fundraising ideas that can be accomplished at a safe distance or would be willing to organise something on our behalf we would really value your help and support.  

Most of the Staff and Sisters will be covering the miles by using the exercise bikes in our Hall, but some prefer to make the ‘journey’ on foot so will be getting the pedometers out to monitor their progress. Many of our residents are also keen to get involved so they will either be walking or being pushed in their wheelchairs around the garden or hall whenever they are able.

If any of you would like to support the endeavours of the ‘St. Joseph’s Pedal Pushers, Walkers & Strollers’ by sponsoring them, you can do so by PayPal, cheque or going to our website

OR Visit Manchester’s Facebook page by copying the link below to your URL 

Thank you so much for your support.