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Happy New Year from Greenock

A great ‘Hogmanay’ party was held in the Village Hall for the residents on the afternoon of Friday 31st December, the last day of the year.  It was wonderful to see every resident from the Care Home there as this has not been possible for a long time.  All the residents from the Independent Living were there as well as were the Little Sisters and staff, many of whom had stayed after their early shift to help the residents.  A few volunteers were also with us. The atmosphere was electric as those residents who could dance were up in full swing on the floor.  Those in wheelchairs or those unable to move easily remained in their chairs and clapped and tapped and sang.  The tartan scarves, ties, etc., could not be missed. 

Having started at 4pm it was hard to bring the singing and games to an end but the sudden smell of ‘fish and chips’ coming from the nearby dining room helped!  A ‘fish supper’ had been ordered from a nearby fish and chip shop and everyone did justice to it!