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Feast of St Joseph the worker – May 1st 2021

The 1st May is the Feast Day of St Joseph the worker. It is also the special feast day for the Associates Jeanne Jugan. There are many on the 5 continents who work along with the Little Sisters and the Staff to bring comfort and whatever help and support they can give to the Home. All of them pray and live out the spirituality of St Jeanne Jugan.

This celebration will have special meaning during 2021, the Year of Saint Joseph, as declared by Pope Francis.

In our world of today, we have been through a difficult time with the spread of the coronavirus and the much suffering and grief that it has caused all over the world. In these critical times Joseph teaches us to how to remain steadfast when life throws up these difficult challenges. He guides us in knowing how to sustain hope and to rejoice in the gifts of each day just as he delighted in seeing Jesus grow in wisdom and strength even amidst the challenges.

The Little Sisters confide to St Joseph all your intentions.