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Feast Day of Saint Theresa of Lisieux – 1st October

Today we celebrate the Feast Day of Saint Theresa of Lisieux. She was born in 1873, six years before the death of Saint Jeanne Jugan. They both had great confidence in God’s Providence. Saint Theresa wrote : « To the right and to the left, I throw to my little birds the good grain that God places in my hands. And then I let things take their course ! I busy myself with it no more. Sometimes, it’s just as though I had thrown nothing ; at other times, it does some good. But God tells me : ‘Give, give always, without being concerned with the results.

Saint Jeanne Jugan told the young Sisters : « “Jesus is waiting for you in the chapel. Go and find him when your strength and patience are giving out, when you feel lonely and helpless. Say to him: ‘You know well what is happening, my dear Jesus. I have only you. Come to my aid….’ And then go your way. And don’t worry about knowing how you are going to manage. It is enough to have told our good Lord. He has an excellent memory.”

Be confident that the Little Sisters pray for you and your loved ones during this difficult time. God bless