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Celebrations for the Feast of St Jeanne Jugan at Birmingham

‘The Feast of St Jeanne Jugan was eagerly prepared by the residents as they contributed to ‘Jeanne’s Tree of Life’. All were busy preparing the leaves of this special tree and sharing what Jeanne Jugan and being at St Joseph’s meant to them. Their thoughts were then displayed on the leaves and made some very interesting reading!

We had a time of silent adoration on the Eve of the Feast together to give thanks to the Lord for the gift of St Jeanne Jugan and to pray for her intercession for the many needs of our world today.

On the afternoon of the Feast all gathered in the Assembly Hall where a visit from the ‘Ice cream Van’ was appreciated by all… they seemed to be the best 99’s around! A good old fashioned sing-a long followed at the end of which we could truly say ‘Blessed be God, Thank you my God’ for a beautiful day shared together’