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Age has no barriers

Age has no barriers– this is the case with Margaret and she has proved this to us several times. Lately she offered to get the library tidied up and has done a wonderful job!. Under her guidance a librarian came in on several occasions and classified and arranged the books. Margaret got a young Associate to do labels for the different categories of books. Margaret also organised that duplicate books are given to a local charity.

The library is now in order and it’s a pleasure to visit. This still leaves Margaret time to join in activities and help those less alert than herself to play bingo and various games. Margaret is one of several residents’ communication with young people from an organisation ‘Cintorasur’ connecting different generations. They are having some very good exchanges learning of our different cultures. An extract from one of Margaret’s letter shows this as she says: “Good day to you young people.

Margaret enjoyed sharing my stories with you. Margaret told the true story of Saint Jeanne Jugan… (She explained to them the different stages of Jeanne’s life)  continuing to say;-“There is so much more I would like to tell you about Saint Jeanne Jugan, but it would take too long. What I would like to end with, is to say that from the tenderness of Jeanne‘s action, all over the world, in 31 countries there are houses run by the Little Sisters. Worldwide there are so many who need love and care in their old age. To this day the Little Sisters follow in the footsteps of Saint Jeanne Jugan. If you enjoyed my story and would like to know more about the Little Sisters and the work they do, at another time I can write about St Peter’s where I live”.

Margaret like other active residents has several occupations, at present Pavel the gardener is on holiday and she is looking after his plants so that he finds them looking as healthy when he gets back. With Millie and residents they keep the home looking lovely with so much greenery around the place and so many attractive plants to the delight of us all.