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A Christmas Poem


In the chill of the night a new-born baby cries,

Glory, Glory to God, sang the angels in the skies

This gift of God brings life for soiled mankind

Hail, our long-awaited Saviour, Hail Glorious child.


Tears were shed in Bethlehem, tears of joy,

Heaven had come to earth with this thrice-holy boy.

Even the hardships of Egypt brought happiness to play

When tears of childish tumbles could be kissed away.


You grew to manhood and became a Nazarene

A happy childhood, we love to paint the scene.

But Mary wept over work-splintered hands

And sorrow visited when Joseph was called to other lands.


Now I am here with you in your tear-shaped shrine,

Here where you wept as you looked at your beloved Sion.

Glorious things were said of thee, O City of God,

Now you weep for the destruction evil deeds have brought.


If you had only understood the message of peace I brought

Now your wish that the Son of Man be brought to your court.

Master, I too weep with awe, I bow before your holy temple

This temple soon to be pierced for the sins of your people.


A new Jerusalem will arise, not made with human hands,

Earthly pilgrims will flock to these holy lands.

In Bethlehem their tears will be of joy and elation,

Once again angels will pray with songs of adoration.

Mrs. Meave Floyde, Bristol.