Tradition of Collecting


To provide for the needs of the elderly poor, St Jeanne Jugan walked the roads of Brittany seeking alms. Knocking on doors, she asked for money and gifts in kind, whatever was needed for her poor. It took a great deal of humility for Jeanne to approach people and ask for help and although she found the collecting difficult at times, Jeanne persevered out of love of God and the elderly poor he had placed in her care. Her trust in Divine Providence was absolute and God has never let her down!

 Jeanne was recognised by her begging basket, today’s collecting Little Sisters are similarly recognised on their daily rounds, visiting businesses and markets asking for donations to help offset the running costs of our Homes. The Sisters also do store collections and at weekends, they often visit local parishes to ask for support. As Government funds for the Elderly continue to dwindle it is getting harder and harder to make ends meet. In today’s economy, we must count on the generosity of our benefactors more than ever.

Bristol Collecting

St Jeanne Jugan used to say “What gratitude we owe our benefactors – what could we do for the Elderly without them?”

If you would like to support our work, you can make a donation on the donations page of our website by clicking here or get in touch with one of our Homes.