Mission Statement



“God, who has fatherly concern for everyone, willed that all people should constitute one family and treat one another in the spirit of brotherhood”. (The Church in the Modern World)

Little Sisters of the Poor, to whom the Church has entrusted the Apostolic Mission of Hospitality to the Aged poor, welcome the elderly of all nationalities and beliefs.

We Uphold…

  • in conformity with Christian values and the teachings of the Catholic Church, the sacredness of all human life in all its stages.

We Believe….

  • that in fidelity to the charismatic inspiration of Jeanne Jugan, elderly persons are as important a part of society as any other individuals.
  • that disabilities resulting from age are accepted all the more readily when those who surround the elderly take care of them with esteem and affection, trying to compensate for these disabilities, making them easier to bear, even combating them and halting their progression.
  • in the total care of the Resident, who, living in a family atmosphere, will thus be enabled to fulfil their physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs whatever their race, colour or creed.

We have at Heart…

…to respond to the desires and aspirations of the Residents:

  • Recognition of their dignity, desire of being respected, esteemed and loved, and the longing to feel themselves useful.
  • Apprehension of solitude, together with the wish for a certain independence and privacy.
  • Need for security, in health as in sickness, until death.

We respect Human Dignity…

which does not consist in being able to choose the time of one’s death, but in being aware of the fact that one’s basic right is to the right of respect for life. We reject all passive and active practices of euthanasia.