Worldwide Expansion

Worldwide Expansion

In 1851 a small group of Little Sisters crossed the English Channel to establish the first home outside France in Hammersmith, a suburb of London. Spain followed, then Belgium, Ireland, North Africa and North America.

The first truly missionary foundation was made in Calcutta, India in 1882. Our newest homes have been founded in the last decade in India, Peru and the Philippines.

Today there are Little Sisters following in the footsteps of Saint Jeanne Jugan and serving the needy elderly in 31 countries, including:


Belgium – England – France – Ireland – Italy – Malta – Portugal – Scotland – Spain


North America – United States –

South America – Argentina – Chile – Colombia – Peru


Australia – New Caledonia – New Zealand and Western Samoa


Algeria – Benin – Kenya – Nigeria – Republic of the Congo


Hong Kong – India – Malaysia – Philippines – South Korea – Sri Lanka – Taiwan – Turkey


Foundations during the last thirty years:

Tibu (Colombia) 1989 Kwangju (South Korea) 2000
Suwon (South Korea) 1990 Cartago (Colombia) 2003
Chonju (South Korea) 1997 Jabalpur (India) 2004
Seoul (South Korea) 1997 Manila (Philippines) 2004
Cotonou (Benin) 1999 Tacna (Peru) 2006
Osorno (Chile) 1999 Bolinao (Philippines) 2007
Lima (Peru)  2016