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Holy Thursday – ‘The Last Supper’

When we live in this world, we either live in the history of the world or we’re not really living in this world. If we think that we can measure everything, that we can count everything, that we can do all these things without an aura of mystery that surrounds us…Where we came from, we do not know. Where will we go? We do not know. What can we do? We do not know. But the one thing we do know is we can love. And when we love, we come alive.

But here is the difference between the love that we hear about all day long, and the songs we sing all day long, and the love of Jesus. For Jesus, love means sacrifice, love means, not what you’re going to get, but it’s measured in what you’re going to give.

And that’s why a young mother knows this instantaneously. It is giving herself totally and completely that she begins to understand, not just the mystery of the world, but the mystery of God Himself.

There’s an old saying by the poet Péguy and it goes something like this,

“‘The dream you dream is my dream,’ says God.
‘The house you build is my house,’ says God.
‘And the love with which you love each other is my love,’ says God.”

This is the beginning of a wonderful mystery of Holy Week. It begins with this itinerant preacher who has nothing to give, understands and teaches us all that you have nothing to give. Your money is not important. Your ideas are not important. Giving talks like I’m giving talks are not important. The only thing important is that we are learning how to love and we are learning how to love the way Jesus knows we must learn if we are going to understand who we are and which way we’re going…

Tomorrow, we will see how far love will go. Is there anything that you cannot give? Jesus will die on a cross. But this is the thing that we also must remember: Jesus, the one who loves, is on the cross, and it was as if his Father said, “You must teach them how deeply they must love, how they can imitate their own Father.”                                     

 Father Hanley – The last Supper