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Chain of prayer for the recovery of Sister Isabelle Antoinette

Dear Friends,

Please could you join us in a chain of prayer, and ask others to pray, for the recovery of a young professed Little Sister, Sister Isabelle Antoinette, who is dangerously ill.  She and Sister Margaret were walking along the pavement in Nice when a car crashed into them, after the driver lost control.   We know that together we can obtain a miracle through our united prayer, if that is what God wants.  Thankfully Sister Margaret’s injuries are not life threatening, but please pray for her full recovery too.


We, as Little Sisters, are praying earnestly to Father Ernest Lelievre, so please join us in this novena.


Lord Jesus, through the life and ministry of Father Ernest Lelievre, You have given Your Church a friend of the poor and a tireless missionary at the service of the elderly, in the religious family founded by Saint Jeane Jugan.  You have him the grace of immense confidence in Saint Joseph, Spouse of Mary.  Graciously answer our prayers and grant us the grace we are requesting through his intercession…  We ask this of You who live and reign with the Father in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.