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Waiting with hope the coming of our Saviour at Christmas!

Advent is an invitation to prepare the coming of our Blessed Lord at Christmas. We can do this by rekindling in our heart and spirit the presence of Jesus in our daily lives and His return in glory at the end of time.  Saint Luke tells us we must “watch at all times, praying” (vv. 34.36).

For the first Sunday in Advent Pope Francis used these words: “Keep watch and pray”: to help us understand that we need to be awake and vigilant: “The inner sleep stems from turning always around ourselves and remaining blocked in the closure of our life with its problems, its joys, and its sorrows, but always turning around ourselves. And this is tiring, this is boring, this closes us to hope. Here we find the root of the torpor and laziness of which the Gospel speaks. Advent invites us to a commitment of vigilance, looking outside of ourselves, widening our mind and heart to open ourselves to the needs of people, of brothers, and to the desire of a new world. It’s the desire of so many people, martyred by hunger, injustice and war. It’s the desire of the poor, of the weak, of the abandoned. This time is opportune to open our heart, to ask ourselves concrete questions on how and for whom we spend our life”.

Pope Francis goes on to encourage us to live this Advent, waiting for the Lord in prayer. Prayer is our means of listening and conversing with God, we raise up our hearts and thoughts to Jesus, turning to Him. We can pray anywhere; turning to God makes us less self-centred. We become more concerned about those most close to us and those in need. Our Mother Foundress, Saint Jeanne Jugan had this lovely saying: “Pray, you are in need of grace”.

You can count on the prayers of the Little Sisters to support you in your Advent journey. We await together, in constant prayer, the coming of Jesus at Christmas. He is our source of deep joy and hope for now and for ever.

Thank you for your kind generosity which enables us to welcome the elderly poor who need a Home and a family spirit to live their life in peace and security.