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Beautiful day at Dublin

Saturday 11th May was a beautiful summer’s day here in Dublin.It was the day chosen for the Public Square Rosary Rally held annually in Ireland.

This effort is sponsored by a group called Ireland Needs Fatima. In over 570 locations around the country the rally began at 4p.m.  For our part a group of twenty people began the procession from the Carmelite Monastery down the road and processed to our grotto reciting the Rosary ‘en route’.Sisters, Residents, some family members, joined in the devotions.A banner carried by the men reminded all that we were:-

“Praying the Rosary for Ireland. Please join us! As human efforts fail to solve Ireland’s key problems, we turn to God, through His Holy Mother, asking His urgent help.”The Rosary was fervently recited, followed by the Litany of The Blessed Virgin and hymns were sung.